2019 Highlights from Resthaven Leadership.

by | December 13, 2019

We asked some of the Resthaven leadership some of their highlights of 2019 and here is what they said::

“A highlight was a visit by State Representative Mary Whiteford and State Representative Bradley Slagh”  – Bev Donahue, Chief Financial Officer

“We have been blessed to partner with Western Theological Seminary again this year, providing Spiritual Support at Warm Friend and Maple Woods utilizing Chaplain Interns. Our residents benefit by having access to a regular chaplain presence on-site and the seminary students gain valuable ministry experience” – Leigh VanKempen, Chaplain 

“This year we have kept the programs full. Keeping a high census helps make sure residents have the maximum amount of support and makes sure we are serving all we can” – Eric Gies, Director of Referral Management

“I am extremely proud of my employees and their interactions with our residents. They understand we are working in their home and interact with them in a way that portrays the best servanthood qualities one could have!” – Michelle Skinner, Dining Services Manager at The Warm Friend

“This year we tried some new events to provide opportunities to learn more about Resthaven. I enjoyed working with so many wonderful people to pull off the events”    Katelyn VerMerris, Fund Development Manager

“Opening the Janssen Cottage was a very proud moment for me. It allowed for 10 semi private rooms in the Care Center to become private rooms and it created an additional cottage in which to offer our excellent care and services within the green house model” – Tiffany Ziemba, Administrator at The Care Center

“I’m proud of the multiple mentions of social work from family members on the Holleran Survey, our annual survey to residents and families” – Rachel Adams, Director of Social Work

“Completing the consumer research survey for The Farmstead was exciting for me. I loved hearing  from community members on their dreams for senior living” – Deedre Vriesman, President/CEO

“We were able to start addressing a long time need at The Warm Friend and begin updating the windows” – Patrick Cioffi, Director of Facilities

I am very proud of the entire staff at the The Warm Friend. This is a team that supports each other and comes alongside each other in so many ways, every day. Just a delight to be part of.” – Susan DeJong, The Warm Friend Director

“Being a part of the development of a new leadership team at Resthaven has been very exciting. Also the wonderful results from the Holleran Survey. Our Team really shined and it was a proud moment.” – Lina Jacobs, Director of Nursing at the Care Center 

“Maple Woods Cottages recently  launched a “Stretch and Tone” program that happens twice a week. This program was thought up by a volunteer who also created a playlist of music and a print out of the exercises so that residents could practice them in their rooms. The volunteer also made sure that each pose was adaptable, so that each resident could comfortably participate in this program. I am constantly amazed by and always thankful for our volunteers’  love and compassion for the residents of Resthaven!” – Natalie VanDrie, Volunteer Coordinator

“We work diligently each year to create and maintain partnerships with area schools and this year we were very grateful to make this something bigger. We were able to partner with Holland Christian, Holland Christian Homeschool group, Waukazoo Elementary, and Black River Montessori Schools. It is great to see the positive impact of intergenerational programming through laughter, smiles, and conversation.” – Abby Waldo, Director of Recreational Therapy