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Wading through all the living and care options available can be daunting. We’ve worked with enough seniors and families over the years to know your questions before you’ve asked them. Start with the FAQs below, and if you’re still unsure, let us help!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is a candidate for Resthaven’s senior living and what options are available?
Most of our residents are aged 60 or older. We offer independent living, assisted living, short-term rehab, long-term care, and specialized dementia care. Individuals and couples who are looking for carefree living, low-maintenance home upkeep, and a community of peers will fit right in at our Independent Living residences. For those who require more support—physically or mentally—we recommend consulting with our staff to determine what’s right for you or your loved one. Contact us at 616-796-3500 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment.
How do I know what type of living arrangement or level of care is needed—either for myself or a loved one?
Our residences range from completely independent to a range of options from semi-independent to 24/7 supervised care. Assisted living may be recommended for seniors who need additional help for daily life but do not require ongoing, advanced medical care. For those who require long-term or memory care, we have facilities that cater for those needs as well. Contact us at 616-796-3500 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment to discuss options.
When is the right time to consider moving into a senior living community or facility?
It’s smart to be proactive about these types of decisions, and we recommend that those as young as age 60 start planning for their future. Even if you’re not yet ready for this lifestyle change, you may still find it appealing to downsize your home and let someone else handle all your home maintenance. Many seniors do! Securing a spot at one of Resthaven’s Independent Living residences today means worrying less about the care you may need tomorrow.
How can I learn more about moving into Resthaven? Are there usually openings?
Contact us at 616-796-3500 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment with our referrals team to learn more about the move-in/referral process and about openings. If you so choose, you can also be added to our waitlist if no openings are currently available or if you’re not planning to move to Resthaven for some time.
How much does it cost to live at Resthaven and what type of insurance coverage is accepted?
The cost for each level of care—and levels of care within each program—differ by the level of care needed and the number of services provided. Contact the admissions team at 616-796-3500 or [email protected] for up-to-date pricing for each program.Most long-term care insurance plans are accepted by our licensed facilities. We contract with many Medicare programs for sub-acute rehab and home health services, as well. We can also accept Medicaid as a payor source, provided the person has a need for skilled care.
How big is Resthaven?
Resthaven currently consists of:
  • 145 licensed skilled nursing beds
  • 127 licensed senior living homes/assisted living apartments
  • 80 independent living apartments
  • More than 450 staff members
Resthaven is proud to have a strong, skilled, compassionate workforce that is dedicated to your care.
What is a Life Plan Community?
In brief, Life Plan Communities are an upgrade from a standard senior apartment complex or condo village. They’re focused on lifestyle and well-being, and commonly include appealing amenities and maintenance-free living. Most importantly, they give peace of mind to seniors who are living independently now but want to be proactive and secure access to a continuum of care. To learn more about Resthaven’s Life Plan Communities, please review this document or call 616-796-3500.
How do I learn more about Resthaven’s two new communities, The River Place and The Farmstead?
Resthaven is expanding its Independent Living programs through two new offerings: The River Place, with 21 units located in downtown Holland, and The Farmstead, a serene, rural option that’s scheduled to open in late 2023, and located next to Holland’s Van Raalte Farm. Click here for information about The Farmstead and to schedule an appointment to learn more. For The River Place, click here.
What does it mean that Resthaven is a faith-based non-profit?
Resthaven’s mission is, “To glorify God by providing a continuum of care and services that demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.” While this mission inspires our staff and board in decision making, residents and patients who choose to receive care at Resthaven are not required to have any faith affiliation. Resthaven is a 501c3 and is governed by a volunteer board of trustees.
Why does Resthaven need donations?
As a non-profit, Resthaven is always reinvesting in our communities—in our physical buildings and equipment, as well as in our staffing models and training. The cost of care is not fully covered by the majority of the reimbursement we receive. Donations allow us to continue to provide the same quality and services to each resident, regardless of their ability to pay.
What kind of care can I expect to receive from the staff at Resthaven?
Our team members enjoy a number of advantages that help set us apart and provide for employee satisfaction that carries over into resident care. These include our higher staffing ratios, generous benefit packages, and commitment to providing team members with balance between work responsibilities and home/family life.
Are Resthaven’s programs licensed by the state of Michigan?
Yes. Resthaven’s Maple Woods assisted living programs are licensed Homes for the Aged, which are regulated by the state of Michigan. The Care Center is licensed as a skilled nursing facility and is also regulated by the state of Michigan and in compliance with federal regulations. All of our Life Plan Communities are also approved by the state of Michigan.
What are the COVID restrictions at Resthaven?
Resthaven is required to follow all Michigan Department of Health and Human Service guidelines, as well as those put in place by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and local health departments. These vary for each level of care. Please contact the administrator for each program to learn more about our current procedures. For the Warm Friend and The River Place, contact Abby Waldo. For Maple Woods, contact Jill Schrotenboer, and for The Care Center, contact Deedre Vriesman.
We’re here to make senior living easy to understand. See these helpful guides and additional information to learn more about this important decision.

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