Introducing, The Farmstead.

by | December 11, 2019

Resthaven is committed to meeting the needs of Holland’s Seniors today and in the future. One of the ways that we are doing this is by exploring a potential future expansion called, “The Farmstead.” This exciting home will be located on 40 acres of current farmland located 24th St. west of Van Raalte Farm in Holland.

Resthaven began exploring this project by conducting a consumer research survey on senior living in Holland this summer. From the very conception of this project, we wanted to hear from you on what you want. The findings from this research study will directly shape what the potential future community will look like and the residential options offered.

I was so pleased to see that we had a warm response. We saw an above-average response rate to the mailed written surveys and also welcomed 107 participants to focus groups to provide more qualitative feedback to senior living. Thank you to everyone who participated in the study and shared your hopes for the future of senior living in Holland! It is wonderful that you care about the future of Holland and Resthaven.

Through your input, we learned that quality and access are particularly important in your considerations of retirement
communities. Wellness is another priority for the future residents of independent living. We were pleased to learn that people desire an active community with access to walking trails, activity programs, fitness options, and life-long learning.

Moving forward, Resthaven has partnered with THW Design, an architect that specializes in senior living, to design The Farmstead. We will begin accepting deposits for the Priority Club in December 2020. To find out more and add your name to the Priority Club, visit or contact us at 616-796-3888 or [email protected].

We are excited to begin this project with you and thankful for all the input you provided to shape the work we’re about to embark on.