Atrio Out-Patient Therapy.

by | December 11, 2019

Through the stewardship of a generous estate gift, Atrio has expanded their outpatient therapy at Maple Woods and the Warm Friend by purchasing exercise equipment. Atrio had identified a need to purchase equipment for effective outpatient therapy for each home, but lacked the up-front funds to buy the exercise equipment.

“We say this is providential,” Atrio Administrator Kelly Wierenga said. “This gift has been amazing for us and came at just the right time.” Atrio recently expanded their outpatient program in Grand Rapids and found it to be wonderful service to residents.

Some residents need services, but don’t fit the home-bound requirements for their Medicare A benefits. This investment will help Atrio have a further reach caring for more people who need therapy services. Atrio most commonly sees outpatient needs for balance and gait, prevention of falls, back and neck pain, and joint and orthopedic care.

“The residents can use the equipment that we use in therapy at home,” said Casey Lauf, Team Leader at Atrio. “To be able to get therapy on the equipment you are going to use at home eliminates the intimidation factor. This makes for an easier transition out of therapy as they still have access to the same equipment in the same place they live.”

It also provides a social aspect to therapy when you go to use the equipment in a place where your friends live. The equipment purchased for The Warm Friend and Maple Woods will live there and will be accessible at all times to all residents, not just those actively in therapy. This winter Atrio will also be able to lead outpatient therapy sessions at Maple Woods and The Warm Friend
through a teleprompter.

Warm Friend Director Susan DeJong said. “The equipment will be here for the residents to use whenever. Residents don’t have to leave their home for therapy. We really value wellness and a dedicated space with exercise equipment will help make exercise a part of everyday life for our residents.”