Gracious Gifts.

by | July 11, 2019

By Rev. Leigh Boelkins Van Kempen

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” (Romans 12:6a)

I have a daughter who is very “crafty.”  She sews, she knits, she does cross stitch, she is an excellent cook.  It is easy to feel a little jealous of her (even though she carries my genes)!  I have a daughter-in-law who is the queen of shower games.  She always has the perfect game to play!  It is easy to feel a little jealous of her (even though she is married to our son)!  It is tempting to discount my abilities when I consider theirs.

There are 340 people who live in all of Resthaven’s residences.  That means there are 340 very unique individuals, who have distinct gifts, abilities, knowledge and skills.  No one resident is just like another, and that means there is a great variety of talents that can be used in a great variety of ways!  If residents compare their gifts to another’s, they may feel a bit deficient.  But if our residents remember that these talents are God-given, according to God’s grace, then it is likely that these gifts will be used for God’s glory.

We get glimpses of these gracious gifts every day:  There is the resident who knits baby hats for Holland Hospital.  There is the resident who happily plays the piano to accompany singing.  There are the residents that pack food for Kids’ Food Basket.  There is the resident who holds the hand of a distressed and anxious friend, communicating peace and safety.  There are the residents who serve on Resident Council, residents who serve as front-desk volunteers, residents who help clear tables!  Their gifts are being utilized in abundant ways.

What about you?  What gracious gifts has God given you?  How are you using them in Resthaven—and beyond—to strengthen God’s kingdom?