Walking by the Light of the Lord.

by | July 10, 2019

We frequently take light for granted. Because we live in a country that is well-developed, we have light virtually everywhere: streetlights, table lamps, traffic signals, overhead fluorescent fixtures, garden lanterns, nightlights. We are rarely in the dark. There is usually illumination where ever we need to be. We don’t have to be afraid of the dark because there is so much light around us.

This wasn’t true for the people of Israel. As a nomadic nation, travelling through the desert, it was often very dark. On a moonless night, it would be difficult to see. Because of that, God led them on their journey with a pillar of fire during the night so they would know where to safely go. As long as they followed the light God provided, they didn’t need to fear. As Isaiah reminded them: Come, house of Israel, let’s walk by the Lord’s light. (Isaiah 2:5). They walked both literally, and later figuratively, by God’s light.

Resthaven has just been honored as one of the “Best and Brightest Employers” in the area. This is a wonderful recognition. As one of the Best and Brightest, it means we have the opportunity to act as a “light” for others. The way we treat our employees and the way we treat our residents can be illuminating for others as they learn the best way to go.

But in spite of our fine leaders, in spite of our quality employees, Resthaven didn’t become the Best and Brightest by our human power. Our founders, our board, our leaders—all of us— have intentionally grounded this organization in our faith in Jesus Christ. We have “walked by the Lord’s light” in the past, and we will continue to into the future. And that is the Best and Brightest way to go.