by | October 08, 2020

Health screening and new sign in procedures have been a primary method nursing homes have used to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Resthaven recently invested in a technology system called Accushield to help with this  process. This program will also serve Resthaven well post-pandemic.

We have kiosks at each of our residence entrances for staff and visitors to sign in. This ensures that everyone on our campuses have been screened for the virus and also keeps record of all who enter the building.

Cassondra Padding, Clinical Informatics Coordinator, has helped coordinate and launch Accushield. She said, “Covid guidelines/screening recommendations continue to change frequently as more data and information is learned. Accushield allows us to quickly and easily change these screening questions in order to stay compliant.”

Cassondra is excited about the ability to run multiple reports. “We have the ability to run an evacuation report of everyone in the building. We have a report that shows which residents are getting the most visits and which ones are not getting visits so we can follow up with social work and activities to provide additional support to them. In the event of a positive COVID-19 case we can easily run a report to determine who had signed in to see them. We have already utilized these tracking features for other purposes and they have assisted us in following up on potential issues!”

If you are coming for a visit, please stop at the kiosk at the entrance. The kiosk will lead you through a series of questions you will answer to sign in and a Resthaven team member will come take your temperature. If you need assistance, just ring the intercom and a Resthaven staff member would be happy to help.