Tulip Time at Resthaven.

by | May 27, 2020

Tulip Time is always a big celebration for both the city of Holland and Resthaven residents. This year Tulip Time was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but our staff and residents were able to find creative ways to celebrate! Our Life Enrichment Team worked together to make the week special for all of our residents who look forward to this Holland tradition.

The week was filled with enjoyment as we worked to bring some of the tradition and excitement of tulip time inside the buildings. Everything planned was fun, however, the days were thoughtfully planned based on psychosocial and physical well-being, and each activity had a purpose and goal behind it!

Our dining team worked hard to ensure that residents could enjoy their favorites. Delicious Dutch treats included banket, pigs in the blanket, krakelingen cookies, and olliebollen.

One day many residents were able to tour their very own “Tulip Lane.” One resident at the Care Center said, “With all the Tulip Time Parades I’ve been in, this brings back so many good memories!” Tulip Lane focused on cognition and sensory by reminiscing about tulips, Holland, and the memories associated with Tulip Time. Residents were able to touch and feel the tulips to stimulate their sense of touch and smell.

The tulip craft that we worked on at The Care Center was an activity that celebrates Dutch heritage with tulips in addition to working on fine motor skills through crafting.

One of the highlights of the week was the hallway Tulip Time parades in each building. Each department created a float, and residents were able to make decorations throughout the week. The Tulip Time Parade focused on cognition and physical fine motor skills by assisting in preparation for the floats and decorations through crafting materials and focused on leisure while being able to enjoy popcorn and watch the parade.

What a great week of Tulip Time celebrations!