Dear Friends of Resthaven.

by | September 12, 2019

Gifts come in all different forms, but they always come from the heart and we greatly appreciate that. Vicki Brink’s mom was a beautician all her life and how her hair was styled was important to her. When she went to live at Maple Woods, she wanted to have her hair done with her personal beautician that had always done her hair. This was hard to accommodate for her family and they suggested she try the beautician who comes to the salon at Maple Woods. She went begrudgingly, but left with with hair that, as Vicki told her, “looked absolutely amazing!”

When Vicki noticed that the styling chair in the Green Houses was broken when visiting at the Janssen Cottage Open House, she wanted to provide a chair that would create a good experience for residents and be a pleasure to use for beauticians. This is the spirit we appreciate so much about memorial gifts. The desire to give comes from the relationship with a loved one.

Last year 18 percent of our annual fund was memorial gifts. This is a significant contribution to our annual fund! Thank you to everyone who designated Resthaven for memorial gifts and to everyone who chose to give because their loved one was touched by Resthaven. We appreciate all you do to give back to us so we can continue to bless others.

Deedre Vriesman