Maple Woods Program Highlight.

by | June 13, 2019

Resthaven’s assisted living program at the Maple Woods Campus serves seniors in the Holland Area and adapts to changing preferences of the elder population. Maple Woods Director, Rebecca Reed said, “Our mission is to care for those as Jesus would. At Maple Woods and Maple Woods Cottage we do just that.”

Resthaven seniors enjoy an independent lifestyle with private rooms, yet a helping hand is never far away with 24-hour care companions. Each senior’s individualized care plan is designed with the input of the elder, the family, and staff to seek the preferences of the elder while determining how to best meet their needs. This helps to ensure family members have peace that their loved ones are well cared for.

As one family member said, “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you have done. We are forever grateful that she was in such good hands for the four years she was a resident at Maple Woods. Thank you for caring for her until the end with grace and dignity.”

Resthaven’s assisted living program includes a quality dementia care program with all staff trained in dementia care practices. Elders at Maple Woods enjoy meals in a community dining room with friends as we know meals are an important part of being home. Maple Woods also has a robust activities program. Erin Mouw, the life enrichment coordinator at Maple Woods, is committed to providing ample opportunities for personal growth, health and wellness, and community engagement. “Providing unique, life-enriching opportunities for our elders instills in them a sense of dignity and worth that is empowering. It makes my day to hear a resident say that our activities bring joy to their lives,” Erin said.

All the elders can thrive in their Maple Woods home with Resthaven caring for their changing needs. “At Maple Woods, people are able to stay in the home they know even as their care needs change. They do not need to learn a new room, a new dining room, a new bathroom, new staff, and a new routine. Change is hard on anyone, but especially the elderly and even harder for those with memory loss,” said Rebecca Reed. “Our goal is to be home for our residents and we work diligently to do this.”

Two years ago, Resthaven opened the Maple Woods Cottage, expanding our capacity to serve and adding another option in assisted living. The Cottage includes warm community rooms centered around a hearth, a bistro kitchen, and private rooms and baths. We are continually grateful for the community support in helping Resthaven fulfill our mission to serve elders compassionately in this setting.