by | February 22, 2019


My husband and I moved into our home five years ago. One of the reasons we bought it is because we really liked the interior colors, especially the red walls in the living room. They harmonized nicely with our furniture, and it meant less work before the move!

But after moving in, under closer inspection, it became quite evident that the person who painted the living room was not an experienced painter. The flaws (and overpainting onto the ceiling!) were obvious. But we tolerated it. New paint and carpeting were in our plan, but not immediately. January brought us the renewal we needed. Having lived for so long with the imperfections, we had become used to them. But the refreshing of the room has been a delight. I had forgotten how revitalization could bring such  satisfaction.

A prayer for changing what was damaged and weary was part of King David’s petition in Psalm 51: Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. He had sinned, and lived with the consequences of that sin, and was exhausted. He had  tolerated the flaws in his life, trying to ignore them, but was worn-out. He pleads with God for purity and restoration of his spirit. He is ready for everything to be refreshed and restored.

That kind of renewal is available to each of us as well. We, too, have become conditioned to the brokenness, sin, and disobedience in our lives. We have accepted it as normal, but it doesn’t need to be. Our hearts and spirits can be purified and renewed when we come before God, pleading for forgiveness. New paint refreshes our homes. New hearts and spirits restore our relationship with God. Now that is renewal!