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    Senior Living Memory Care As Personal As Each Journey

    With Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the progression of memory loss can be different for each individual. Forgetfulness is easy to shrug off as normal aging, but at some point you may notice your loved ones struggling with their finances, unable to solve problems, or acting disoriented. That’s when it comes time to consider memory care support.

    At The Farmstead, senior living memory care will be a segment of our assisted living environment. Residents will receive encouragement and care custom tailored for their unique circumstances from staff members specially trained in memory care. And for everyone’s protection, heightened security measures will be a top priority.

    Staying Connected

    Our goal with senior living memory care will be to help you and your loved ones form meaningful relationships with each other…and with caregivers. By forging trusted partnerships, those with memory loss maintain a sense of purpose and value, and as a result, continue to experience joy.

    Specialized Support

    All senior living memory care staff at The Farmstead will be specially trained to respond to the challenges facing those with memory loss. Dementia certified practitioners will provide continuing education for caregivers and families, and will create care plans based on each individual’s personality, behavior and life story.

    Cognitive Enrichment

    Life enrichment programs for The Farmstead’s senior living memory care residents will be designed to help them maintain their cognitive abilities. Focusing on stimulating activities in a soothing and familiar setting will create an environment of contentment and comfort that enhances the quality of life for all.

    Support That Continues As Memory Care Needs Change

    As a part of a Life Plan Community, The Farmstead offers those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia the opportunity to stay in the Resthaven family even as their memory loss progresses. Residents will have access to a full continuum of care —all the way through skilled nursing.