Technology for Connection.

With the visitor and group restrictions, Resthaven has been intentionally investing in technology that engages residents with their community and each other. One of these programs we are excited to introduce is iN2L, or “It’s Never Too Late.”

iN2L is a leader in person-centered engagement technology for senior living. This program is a large touch screen with a camera and pre-loaded programs. It’s design allows for easy and regular staff involvement to increase resident engagement. It also has the capacity to do a two-way video call which opens many doors to bring live programs to our residents while we still have visitor restrictions.

We have begun staff education and some trial uses over the past month and we are very excited about the possibilities. Some activities we have tried include trivia, cognitive games, the Price is Right, and Music Therapy.

We are excited about the potential this program has for person-centered engagement for Resthaven seniors.


In-home medical care and household help for those that need extra support while staying in their own homes.