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Happy New Year! Last year at this time I wrote to you to share all our exciting plans for 2020. We had a year of festivities planned, including our 75th anniversary celebration.

Instead, our year was full of changing regulations, COVID-19 testing, and social distancing. This year our plans look a little more flexible, but 2021 presents many exciting possibilities and we have much to be optimistic about.

The vaccine, whether you choose to have your loved one vaccinated or not, presents a new tool in fighting this virus. We are able to start offering the vaccine to our staff, skilled nursing, and assisted living residents in January.

One of the hardest effects of COVID-19 for Resthaven has been the visitor restrictions, but we are learning how to connect families safely. Use of outdoor spaces, rapid testing, and other tools help to connect you with your loved ones at Resthaven. The virus isn’t going away all at once, but we are learning to live safely while trying to prevent the spread of the virus.

Our community has come around us to encourage our work. We are thankful to be in the Holland area where we are supported and valued. We have seen this in financial contributions, grants from local foundations, and from you as a family member who has been flexible with quick and frequent changes.

In our 76th year, we continue to celebrate Resthaven’s legacy in the community. I am thankful we are able to continue to offer mission-centered care in all circumstances. I heard from a family member this year who said, “I am thankful that I can be confident that mom is receiving the best care possible and I don’t have to worry about care. Resthaven has given me that.”Most importantly, we know that God is in charge and He is working for our good. What better assurance to stat the New Year with than that! I wish you all a blessed 2021!

Deedre Vriesman