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The History of Resthaven

Resthaven's roots go back to 1945 when Reverend Paul Hinkamp, a professor and registrar at Hope College, and a dedicated group of church members from both the Reformed and the Christian Reformed Churches felt the call to establish a Christian home for their older members. They named their organization Resthaven because they wanted it to be a haven of rest for the elderly. The first home featured 11 rented rooms in a house on the corner of 10th Street and Central Avenue in Holland.

Today Resthaven serves over 1,100 seniors each year, providing senior care residences and services as a part of its care continuum.

Resthaven Maple Woods & Maple Woods Cottages
The Warm Friend
Resthaven Care Center
Resthaven Home Care
Good Shepherd Home
Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage
Resthaven Rehabilitation Cottage