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Using Home Care to Improve Your Time With Your Parent

As a caregiver, you play a vital role in your parent’s life as they age at home. From daily tasks to health issues, they rely on you and you want to be there for them. But with that can also come stress, exhaustion and ‘blah’ visits.

Are your visits focused around what needs done as the caregiver? Are you doing the housekeeping and bill paying, instead of enjoying a talk over a cup of coffee or going to a local community event?

Is it time for help?

A home health care service can provide a variety of care that could lighten your caregiving duties so you can spend more quality time with your parent. A home care service such as Resthaven Home Care conducts a needs assessment and in-home visit to get to know your parent, the family and assess needs and daily routine.

Home care options can vary from providing skilled nursing and dementia care to homemaker services, personal hygiene care and more.

Improve Your Time With Your Parent

When stress and the daily tasks of being a caregiver are lightened, you can now focus more on creating quality time with your parent. Try these during your next visit:

Tap Into Their Interests

Consider what they are most interested in. If it is family, provide them updates and pictures of what family members and grandkids are doing. Bake cookies together, take a drive to the park, watch a favorite old movie together or go to a sporting event. Along with making for an enjoyable visit, spending time on a key interest or former passion can uplift spirits.

Revisit The Past

Look through photo albums together. This can be a great way to spark a conversation. Ask them to tell you the story behind the picture and write the stories down. Create a family history book as a gift for other family members. This can provide hours of reminiscing, a link to the past and a legacy for future generations.


Don’t forget the importance of being nurturing, not as the caregiver, but as a loved one. A nurturing touch can reduce anxiety, show affection and encourage someone when they are feeling down. Give your parent a hug, hold his or her hand or take a walk with arms linked. Touch can bring comfort and stress relief for both you and your parent.

For more than 15 years, Resthaven has provided skilled nursing care, therapy services, personal support and more to those needing care in their homes. For a complimentary consultation to assess your loved one’s needs, contactResthaven Home Care at 616-796-3800 or take the Resthaven online assessment here.