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Providing Appropriate Pastoral Care to Seniors

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My mother was raised a Catholic and still observes those traditions and values. She is beginning to have difficulty recalling people and moments in her life. This is making her easily frustrated and depressed, with periods of anger when she

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Supporting (Not Assisting) Independent Living Seniors

My mother is struggling to complete a few tasks by herself but is otherwise very independent. I'm afraid she may become dependent if I place her in an assisted living setting. How will Resthaven promote and maintain her independence? Sincerely,

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Advice From a Certified Geriatrician

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I feel I have outgrown my physician as my health needs have changed. I'm worried about finding a physician who understands my questions and concerns as I age. I want to be proactive when it comes to memory loss and

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When Is the Right Time to Find Care Support?

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Hi, I work full-time and have two young children to care for. My mother is having more health issues, for instance, she recently fell and fractured her hip on her way to the bathroom when I wasn’t around. She and

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