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Dementia Care Services in Greater Holland

The Resthaven continuum of care gives you a variety of dementia care options to choose from depending upon the advancement of the disease.

Resthaven Dementia Care Options

Dementia care options available for older adults in Holland and Grand Rapids include:

  • Maple Woods Memory Care gives families an affordable assisted living solution for seniors who need specialized residential care. Residents benefit from staff members who receive on-going training in supporting those with memory challenges.
  • The Good Shepherd Home is a long-term care community dedicated to those in the mid- to late-stages of dementia. The community is comprised of two small houses with living rooms, open kitchens and dining rooms. Rachel’s House serves those with earlier stages of cognitive loss, and David’s House cares for those in the later stages.
  • Jacob’s Cottage provides specialized care and comfort to older adults in the last stages of dementia. Caregivers are dedicated to delivering compassionate care that helps preserve each resident’s personal dignity.
  • Atrio Home Care provides specially trained caregivers who deliver the care and support needed to stay at home. This option is for those in the early- to mid-stages of dementia.

Our experienced team members use a series of proven, stress-free assessments to help determine where each person is on their dementia journey. We identify their strengths and abilities and the areas where they need support. We use that information to develop a personal care plan that builds confidence, meets medical needs and helps each person find joy in the midst of living with dementia.

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