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Your Parent in Care: Visiting During Recovery

When a parent enters a rehabilitation center after a fall, injury or other medical situation, he or she is likely undergoing various physical therapies and treatments to improve mobility, strength, communication skills and more. They are receiving around-the-clock treatment and supervision.

What can you provide for them during this time?

Emotional support. Spend quality time with them and help them cope with these alterations in their life so they can focus on making a full recovery.

Talk with the staff at their retirement community to ensure you understand schedules, guidelines and accommodations they have in place for those in rehab. For example, the Resthaven Rehabilitation Cottage gives patients a private room and is dedicated solely to helping patients regain their previous activity level and independence. A visit from family can work hand-in-hand to help the recovery process.

Tips to ensure a great visit while in rehab:

  • Time your visit based on your loved one’s care. Call ahead to check their schedule for the day. Ask about the intensity of therapy that day and time your visit based on their needs.
  • Set the right tone. Remember that they are recovering and a warm greeting can go a long way. Give them a warm hug and encouragement.
  • Short and sweet may be the best option. This may be the time to keep visits shorter as they need time to rest for continued recovery. There's no ideal length for a visit, but it should be focused around the health and energy of your parent in rehabilitation.

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