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Your Parent in Care: Creating an Active Visit When Bed-ridden

There are many ways to plan an active visit for a parent who is bedridden.Studies show stimulating the mind helps exercise both the brain and body by improving concentration and oxygenation to help create more active cells.

Also, active visits planned regularly can help prevent boredom, which is not uncommon for anyone who is bedridden.

10 Activities to Stimulate the Mind:

  1. Learn a new language together
  2. Play cards
  3. Tackle a crossword puzzle together
  4. Have them tell stories from the past
  5. Read to them
  6. Play music
  7. Color together
  8. Make a craft
  9. Play a video games together
  10. Teach them to use a tablet and connect them to social media, share family pictures

Along with all these activities, don’t forget your parent who is bedridden has the same emotional needs as a healthy person. Provide emotional support and encourage them to set goals every day that help stimulate the mind,

Also remember the importance of human touch. Massage their hand or simply hold their hand while watching television or listening to music together.

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