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Managing Your Stress When Mom is in Skilled Care

managing-stress-as-a-caregiverDo you sometimes feel as if you are being pulled in several directions at once? This is not uncommon for caregivers who are trying to give 100 percent to both their children and their parents.

You may find yourself both worrying about your teenage son who is now driving and your mother who is now in long-term skilled care.

Known as the “sandwich generation,” it is not uncommon to feel squished, overwhelmed and stressed as you want to provide the best care possible to all of your loved ones. Try these coping techniques to help you manage stress day to day.

Practice Self-Care

If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to properly take care of others. Set a time to exercise and make sure you continue proper nutrition, sleep and regular doctor appointments.

Save Time While Updating Family

Your sister wants to know how your mom's blood pressure is doing, while your brother wants to know about the most recent doctor visit. Send group emails or text with photos or health updates.

Share the Load

Even if you handle most of the caretaking duties, that doesn't mean you need to do absolutely everything yourself. Start delegating. Ask your siblings to help with specific tasks, such as one handling the financial paperwork.

Lean on Support

Sometimes just venting your frustration can help. Talk to other family members and friends or join a local support group. You'll often find that other people in your life are going through similar situations, and you can be one another’s support system.

Be Selfish

It's okay to take some time for yourself on a regular basis. Give yourself permission to do at least one thing for yourself every day -- just because you enjoy it. Whether it's going to a yoga class or having lunch with a friend, it’s good to put yourself first. You’ll be refreshed and able to give your “best self” to both your children and your parents.

When a loved one needs skilled care around the clock, Resthaven long-term care can be a solution. For help understanding which long-term care option might be the best fit for your loved one, please call us at 616-796-3600.