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Tips to Make Caring for Aging Parents Easier

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Hi, I am the only child within the same state and it has fallen to me to take care of my mother as her health deteriorates. I work full-time and have 2 small children as well. I feel isolated and

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A Safe Environment for Mom as Winter Sets In

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Dear Nancy, My mother fell last winter while trying to get up the steps to her home. This resulted in a lengthy hospital stay. Our family believes that an assisted care facility may be the next best step for mom

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The Importance of Music Therapy as a Life Enriching Activity

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Dear Gayla, My mother has always been a vibrant woman that loved socializing and going out dancing. At this time in her life, with my father’s passing and a best friend moving away, she doesn’t seem like herself anymore. How

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Remaining In Your Own Home As You Age

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My mother had a recent bout of pneumonia which required a hospital stay. She has returned to her home but can’t do as much as she would like to do at this time. With work and kids, I simply can’t

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