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Making the Best of Short-Term Rehabilitation

My mother is scheduled for surgery at the middle of next month. She has a degenerative knee disorder and is showing signs of forgetfulness. My husband and I realize that we cannot give her the care that she needs for

What to do When Longevity Results in Depletion of Resources

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When retirement resources run out prematurely, you can start seeking out alternate ways to fund care. Although the best place to start is state-run funding programs, like Medicaid, it can be difficult to navigate the eligibility requirements and application process

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Engaging Seniors in Life-Enriching Activities

  I have been the primary caregiver for my ailing mother for the past two years. My father passed a few years back. My husband, my teenage daughter and I recently moved Mom into my home as early signs of

Supporting (Not Assisting) Independent Living Seniors

My mother is struggling to complete a few tasks by herself but is otherwise very independent. I'm afraid she may become dependent if I place her in an assisted living setting. How will Resthaven promote and maintain her independence? Sincerely,

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