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The Campaign for Resthaven

The Campaign for Resthaven aims to support the growing needs of older adults throughout the greater community for increasing residential options, services and support.






Campaign Challenge

Now through June 1, 2018, gifts and pledges up to $200,000 will be matched, dollar-for-dollar by a special Campaign Challenge grant. For details, click here.

Campaign Summary

The Campaign for Resthaven hopes to raise $5,000,000 over the next three years to support the growing needs of older adults throughout our community, and broaden our ability to help those who have depleted their financial resources due to longevity or level of care required.

Assisted Living Cottage with two, 12-unit households on the Maple Woods campus, at 49 East 32nd Street


  • Private rooms
  • Community dining and living spaces
  • ADA-accessible space and bathrooms
  • Memory care accommodations


  • Provide a small-home environment and amenities for greater comfort and security
  • Allow residents to remain in place throughout the aging process

Estimated cost: $4,800,000

Improvements to the Care Center


  • Convert ten semi-private rooms to private rooms/bathrooms for long-term care
  • Improved community and living spaces
  • Air-conditioning throughout the center


  • Respond to seniors’ desire for privacy
  • Provide a specialized continuum of care, including end-of-life
  • Improve the look and comfort of all spaces

Estimated cost: $1,000,000

A 10-unit Green House Cottage, adjacent to the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage


  • Ten highly sought-after private rooms providing long-term care
  • An empowered staff of universal workers offering 24-hour care


  • Embraces the Green House culture offering a true home and a meaningful life
  • Provides highly individualized care and life-enrichment activities for all residents

Estimated cost: $2,500,000

Additional Funds for Benevolent Care


  • Support for those who’ve depleted their resources due to longevity or increased care needs
  • An addition to our annual investment in benevolent care


  • Sustain our ability to serve ALL residents, regardless of their ability to pay the full cost of their care
  • Allow for continuing life-enrichment programs and staff support for residents

Additional support: $500,000

Total Estimated Needs: $8,800,000

Resthaven Equity & Borrowing: $3,800,000

Campaign Goal: $5,000,000