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Your Parent in Care: Creating an Active Visit When Bed-ridden

There are many ways to plan an active visit for a parent who is bedridden.Studies show stimulating the mind helps exercise both the brain and body by improving concentration and oxygenation to help create more active cells. Also, active visits

Priority #1: Keep Mom Safe At Home

When Nancy asked her mother how she got the bruises down her leg and along her arm, her mother hesitated, but then admitted to falling down the narrow staircase in her home. Nancy knew this wasn’t the first time her

Your Parent in Care: 5 Ways To Gain Quality Time

No matter what level of care your parent is in, you likely want to ensure each moment you spend with them is quality time. You want to have conversations that help create treasured memories, and your family members likely feel

Managing Your Stress When Mom is in Skilled Care

Do you sometimes feel as if you are being pulled in several directions at once? This is not uncommon for caregivers who are trying to give 100 percent to both their children and their parents. You may find yourself both