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Generations of Drama

Helen's grandparents were in an acting troupe in the Netherlands, and that "drama gene" was passed along to Helen. Growing up, her whole family enjoyed "dramatic readings," and Helen shared that love with her twin daughters, Tamela and Pam, who both have college degrees in theater arts.

While she and her husband were raising their daughters in Los Angeles, Helen became a parapro for bilingual students and those with special needs. Helen shares, "I was fortunate to be able to keep the Christian perspective I gained growing up in Holland. The teacher I worked with would join me in praying for our students."

Now, at 83, Helen retains her charming personality and sense of humor, but is becoming more forgetful. Her daughters' well-organized medication system recently became confusing to her, healthy eating has become a challenge, and she can become confused about differing time periods in her life. "Mom wants very much to stay in her own home," states Pam. "My sister lives in Zeeland, but I'm in New York City, and I need to know that Mom is going to be safe and happy."

"I'd heard really good things about Resthaven At Home," explains Tamela. "We know that Resthaven is a Christian organization. That matters to us." 

Within a day of receiving their call, Lynelle Mulder, Resthaven's Community Care Manager, met with Helen and her daughters to make a plan. Soon, three Resthaven Home Assistants visited to get to know Helen a bit better. "She is a lovely lady," said Lynelle with a smile. "I know our Home Assistants will be able to help Helen make the most of each day."

"Mom still loves dramatic readings," shares Pam. "I know the Resthaven At Home ladies will enjoy a performance now and again. She's still got flair!"


Helen's family in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California