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The Stamp Lady

By Laura Kool, Admissions Coordinator & Social Worker at the Resthaven Care Center

The "Stamp Lady." That's how everyone knew my Grandma, Lois Woerkom. She had a large collection of stamps from all different countries and would spend hours organizing them for all to see. Although she had dementia, she was content, never complaining about her circumstances. After she turned 90, she regularly wore a pink sweatshirt that said, "90 and Lovin' It!"

My Grandma was affiliated with Resthaven for many years. She lived at The Warm Friend for nearly 6 years and then lived at the Care Center from 2009 to 2010. Whenever I would visit her, she would say, "Laura, you should apply for a job here. You would be great working with us old people!"

My Grandma really inspired me, and I was hired as an admissions coordinator and social worker at the Resthaven Care Center in 2011. Now I have the privilege of providing residents with the same love and care my Grandma experienced throughout her stay at Resthaven. I'm passionate about my job and love what I do. I am especially delighted to be part of the same team that provided my Grandma with such wonderful quality care at the Care Center.

Recently, my mother and I donated a brick to the Care Center in remembrance of Grandma. Engraved in the brick are the words, "The Lord is my Shepherd," from Psalm 23, her favorite Bible passage. Although her mind and body were slowly fading, her soul was always full of true happiness and unconditional love for God and others.

My Grandma left her stamp on Resthaven, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do the same.

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Friends of Resthaven donated funds to support the new additions at Resthaven's Care Center by buying bricks and dedicating them to their loved ones. The bricks were laid at the base of the fountain near the new main entrance. Pictured above is Laura Kool holding the brick that she and her mother donated in honor of her grandmother, Lois VanWoerkom (also pictured).