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A Story of
Ministry & Mission

Meet Mimi

Wilheminia (Mimi for short) moved to Holland in 1976 from Paterson, New Jersey where she grew up. Raised during the Great Depression, she dropped out of school and worked as a seamstress to help support her family. She continued to work part-time as a tailor while maintaining a full-time job at a dry cleaner company. When her sister Emma decided to move to Holland to be near one of her daughters, Mimi chose to join her and share a home on 21st street in Holland. Four years ago, when declining health required her to consider moving to a care community, she became a resident of Resthaven's Care Center.

Mimi participates in as many activities as she is able. At age 99 years (she turns 100 in March), she continues to crochet, and loves giving away her handicrafts to aides and visitors. Four times a week, her sister Emma visits and they spend hours working on puzzles together. "I am blessed to be in a community of caregivers who care so compassionately for each and every resident," says Mimi.

For Mimi and so many other residents, Resthaven provides the confidence and assurance that quality care and deep relationships will continue, regardless of issues of aging or financial limitations. For over 69 years, Resthaven has served thousands of seniors with compassionate care, many to their life's end. It is how Resthaven defines and demonstrates its ministry.

We provide…

  • A trusted, faith based solution to life's transitions,
  • Home care to those who need assistance so they can remain at home,
  • Community, purpose, and meaning as older adults face physical challenges and loneliness,
  • Care to those who can no longer afford the full cost of assistance,
  • Support to those with memory loss; over 80% of Care Center residents experience some level of dementia,
  • Affordable assisted living services,
  • Quality rehabilitation services following a fall, surgery, illness, or hospitalization,
  • Comfortable, safe accommodations
  • Residential end-of-life and hospice care.

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 Care Center Resident Mimi

Our long tradition of compassionate care comes at a cost. As the area's oldest faith-based, non-profit senior care community, Resthaven depends on the financial support of many individuals and organizations to continue its ministry and mission to seniors.

Contributions from our valued donors help to meet the necessary expenses for those unable to meet the full cost of their care. But contributions also support special life-enrichment activities, pastoral care, and extra staff attention to the individual needs and interests of each and every resident. We call it “resident-centered” care.

During this past year, Resthaven has made significant investments in its facilities, including renovations to the historic Warm Friend (independent living), Maple Woods (assisted living and memory care), and to the Care Center. In addition, Resthaven has added a gerontologist and a transitions coordinator to better serve the residents and seniors throughout the greater community.

We ask all those who understand the challenges of the aging, and the role Resthaven has played in our community for almost 70 years to respond to those challenges, to invest in Resthaven so that we might invest in seniors who want and need the care and nurturing we provide. 

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to Resthaven to help us continue our mission of providing a continuum of quality care and services to seniors, like Mimi, with love and compassion.

You may donate on-line at by clicking on the "Donate" link or by mailing a check payable to Resthaven to the Development Office, 9 East 8thStreet,
Holland, MI 49423 or by phone: 616-796-3510