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Resthaven Memory Care
Experience excellence in Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

You can count on compassionate, well-trained staff members who simply love what they do at Resthaven.

Knowing your loved one's story–taking time to get to know them as individuals–is the first step in welcoming people into our communities. You'll experience caregivers who know your loved one's likes and dislikes, family hisory, vocation, spiritual preferences, habits, formative experiences, and their simple pleasures in life.

A series of well-validated, stress free clinical assessments are used to pinpoint where your loved one is on their journey, identifying where thay have challenges and where they have strengths.

Together, we create a personal plan tailored to accomplish the following:

  • Engage your loved one in meaningful activities that build a sense of worth, purpose, belonging, and joy.
  • Find confidence in the abilities he or she has - what he or she can do.
  • Respectfully bring assistance to areas where challenges are identified.
  • Determine medical needs and appropriate therapies.
  • Build trusting, confident relationships.
  • Create an environment that supports independence and comfort.
  • Encourages you to participate, fully informed, in the life of your loved one.

In building trust, discovering purpose and addressing your loved one's unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, we've found there's a very good liklihood that your loved one will experience peace, fulfillment, and even joy in the midst of Alzheimer's.

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Joy in the midst of dementia!

Resthaven offers several options:

Home Care by Resthaven
In-home help

• Providing trained caregivers for those with Alzheimer's or dementia in their own homes, our goal is to help you stay in the comfort of your own home as long as possible.

• All stages of memory loss served
• (616) 796-3800 or (800) 839-9320
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Resthaven Maple Woods Memory Care
Offering affordable value in residential care for those with memory challenges. With a newly renovated, secured area, residents feel welcomed and part of the family.
• Early to mid-stages of memory loss
• (616) 796-3700
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Good Shepherd Home
• With private rooms and shared suites in each of two "houses" built around lovely living rooms with an open kitchen and dining room, residents find joy, peace, and purpose. 24-hour skilled nursing is included.
• Mid- to late-stages of memory loss
• (616) 796-3600
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Resthaven Care Center's Jacob's Cottage
• Newly remodeled, this is the place where people in the later stages of memory loss find warmth, comfort, and love.
• Late-stages of memory loss
• (616) 796-3600
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Free Service to Our Community:
Uncertain which Resthaven or other community service would best fit your needs?

Home Care by Resthaven's Community Care Manager will meet with you to
help make a personal plan of action.

This is a complimentary community service as part of Resthaven's
non-profit, faith based mission.

We'd be delighted to help!

(616) 796-3800 or (800) 839-9320

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