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Selection Process for the ENCORE! Lakeshore Awards

Through a community nomination process, a select panel of community members have chosen seven people who inspire, uplift, educate, enlightened, and encouraged our community. Resthaven celebrated the "retirement" lives of these incredible people at the Recognition Dinner. 

Panel of Community Members
A distinguished panel of community members volunteered to make the ENCORE! Lakeshore selections for the Seven Over Seventy. 

We wish to offer heartfelt thanks to our 2011 panel of community members:  Jane Clark, Robert DeYoung, Kurt Dykstra, Peter Esser, Lorma Freestone, David Knibbe, Margaret VanWylen, and Marvin Younger.

Who is Eligible?
To be eligible for the ENCORE! Lakeshore Award, a nominee must: 

  • Be at least 70-years-old (by the deadline of August 19, 2011).
  • Be an innovator, contribute to positive social change, or serve as an inspirational role model after the age of 65.  ENCORE! Lakeshore nominees combine personal meaning and social or productive impact through new or continued efforts in the latter stage of life.
  • Have demonstrated “encore” creativity and leadership with the promise of more to come.
  • Be a person of high integrity.

Please note that current elected officials are not eligible for the ENCORE! Lakeshore Awards. Individuals working in faith-based service organizations that have a broader social mission are eligible, and we encourage their nominations.   However, the purpose of their project cannot be strictly religious or sectarian, in that it is confined exclusively to individuals within a denomination or for the sole purpose of expanding the religious mission of the denomination or faith.

 ENCORE! Lakeshore Award Winners for 2011 have
been announced!

Thank you to all members of the Holland/ Zeeland area who nominated many phenemonal people.  We are richly blessed by the incredible gifts of our retirees!

  /files/Pictures/Encore/padnos 72dpi.jpg

Stuart Padnos, one of the 2009 ENCORE! Lakeshore Award Winners in his workshop with
one of his favorite sculptures.

Selection Categories
Applicants are evaluated based on one of the following categories:

  1. Has the person been an outstanding social contributor after age 65 who has worked creatively to spearhead significant change?  How important is the need, issue, or process the person has addressed? How much of an impact has his or her work had on this need, issue, or process? 
  2. Has the person been an innovator?  Has the person started or invented some important change or developed a new venture (independently, or within an organization) in an encore effort after age 65, demonstrating creativity and leadership, and promising more to come?
  3. Have the person’s activities or achievements lifted the spirits and lives of others and/or provided key leadership?  How has this person’s effort been significant?