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Seven Over Seventy
Announcing the 2011 Recipients of the ENCORE! Lakeshore Award

Recognized for their outstanding achievements in their retirement years, these honorees demonstrate the incredible talents, gifts, and fortitude of the extraordinary people over 70 years of age who contribute to the betterment of the Holland/Zeeland area, and beyond.

Through a community-wide nomination process, a panel of community leaders chose this year's seven profiles of those who inspire and enlighten us through their efforts.

The 2011 Award recipients are:

Elton Bruins
Harvey Buter
Joan Conway
Max DePree
Roy Keech
Calvin Langejans
Larry & Karen Mulder

Resthaven and our sponsors, the Holland Sentinel and WJQ/The Pledge, encourage the growing population of seniors to remain vital and productive well into their retirement years.  By recognizing these winners, Resthaven hopes to inspire all of us to contribute to the quality of life in our area in special, distinctive ways. 



 ENCORE! Lakeshore Award Winners 2011

Harvey Buter, Roy Keech, Joan Conway, Max DePree, Larry & Karen Mulder, Calvin Langejans, Elton Bruins

Thank you to all members of the Holland/ Zeeland area who nominated many phenemonal people.  We are richly blessed by the incredible gifts of our retirees!