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Giving Opportunities

Annual Fund – Your gifts to the Resthaven Annual Fund help ongoing operational and benevolent expenses.

Your gift of:

  • $75 will cover two days' shortfall for a resident at the Resthaven Care Center
  • $200 will meet the shortfall for one resident for a complete week
  • $800 will cover the deficit for a resident for an entire month

Estate Planning Endowment - The objective of an endowment fund through estate planning is to create a sustainable income for our life-enhancing programs and to insure quality of care for all.

You have a variety of ways to make this important investment in the lives of our Elders, including cash, securities, planned gifts, insurance policies or Individual Retirement Accounts (naming Resthaven as a beneficiary), and life income arrangements.

If you are thinking about making a planned gift to Resthaven, we would be happy to help you find the best way for your individual situation.  We can help with information about tax and income benefits, although we believe that complete information should only be shared with a personal tax, legal, or financial advisor who is familiar with your particular situation, requirements, and expectations.  Your needs are as important as our needs!

You can start by clicking on the “Contact Us” button to the left, or you can call Glenn Lowe at 616-796-3510.

Capital Projects – Although Resthaven is all about people, capital projects provide the facilities, equipment, and other physical resources that are required so that all may thrive. 

We're excited that our Care Center addition is now underway!  Learn more by clicking here.

Memorial Gifts – Often families and friends appreciate the opportunity to honor their loved one by making a gift to Resthaven.  Your financial gift means that you can insure that the same the love and care received by your loved one is available for more Elders.  A simple reference to the deceased person with your gift is the only requirement.

Matching Gifts - Many employers will match gifts to Resthaven. Contact your Human Resources Department to learn whether your employer has a matching gift program that could increase the value of your gift.

Securities and Other Appreciated Assets - Gifts of appreciated stock and other securities can usually be arranged very easily. These gifts may avoid capital gains and qualify for a current year tax deduction.

Gifts-in-Kind - Useful items of many varieties may help make life better for many of our residents. Books, adaptive equipment, wheelchairs, artwork, and other items make outstanding gifts and may qualify for a tax deduction.

How to Make a Gift

Cash - Send any cash, check, or money order payable to "Resthaven Care Community" to:

Development Office
Resthaven Care Community
9 E. 8th Street
Holland, Michigan 49423

Click Here to make an online donation using your credit card.

Resthaven is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and your donation is deductible by law.  All donors, unless informed otherwise, will be included in the Resthaven Annual Report. The Resthaven fiscal years runs from January 1 through December 31.

On behalf of our Elders, their families, our volunteers, and our staff members, thank you for your faithful support!

The Resthaven Care Center's Addition is Now Underway!
Learn more here....


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