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Welcome to the Resthaven Care Center Family!

When you or a loved one come to the Resthaven Care Center for short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, or memory care, you and your family become a part of the broader Resthaven Family.  And, as a family, you can be confident that we will dedicate ourselves to caring for you…mind, body, and soul.

Over 65 years of serving seniors and 65 years of continual community support give us a wealth of wisdom and resources to make you feel comfortable and at home. 

Welcome to the family!

Care Center Campus
The Resthaven Care Center Campus on 40th Street on Holland’s south side includes:

Care Center Expansion
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Basil Collins, retired University of Toledo Professor of History and Resthaven Care Center former rehabilitation patient, is back home doing what he loves most, reading, studying, and enjoying life with his four daughters. 

“After spending a number of weeks at Resthaven, I was impressed and full of admiration for the wonderful concern that was shown for my well-being on the
part of everyone I encountered. The professionalism at every turn has filled me with pleasure and awe. I shall never forget the goodness, the teamwork, the network that have been evident here as the everyday norm.”

           - Basil Collins, rehabilitation patient