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Becoming a Resident
at the Resthaven Care Center, Good Shepherd Home, or the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage

We encourage you to come and meet us and take a walk around our community.  Contact one of our Admissions Coordinators, Nancy or Margo, who will be delighted to give you a taste of the warm, welcoming life at the Resthaven Care Center Campus

Our Admissions Coordinators also hold a wealth of knowledge about the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurances.  They’ll bend over backwards to help you out.  Be certain to ask as many questions as you need to!

As the entire Resthaven Care Center Campus, including the Good Shepherd Home and the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage, is classified as “skilled nursing homes,” by law all who are admitted must qualify under Medicare or Medicaid. 

Generally Medicare covers rehabilitation, and Medicaid or private payments cover long-term and memory loss care.

Long-Term & Memory Loss Care
The best person to call to find out if you might qualify is Nancy, our friendly Admissions Coordinator (616-796-3600).  Once you’re fairly certain that you’d qualify, you will also receive a visit for a face-to-face assessment, which will make the final determination.

As we often have a waiting list, we urge you to call us once you begin considering long-term or memory loss care.  When we have an opening, we call until we find someone who is ready to move in within a couple of days.  Being prepared gives you a definite advantage!
In order to be admitted for long-term care, you need:

1. a doctor’s exam within the past three months
2. a recent T.B. test
3. a recent chest x-ray

To be admitted for memory-loss care, you must have a primary diagnosis of “dementia,” as well as all of the above.

When you prepare to leave the hospital after surgery, an injury, or an illness, your physician may refer you to our residential rehabilitation program, Resthaven Rehabilitation.

As soon as this becomes a possibility, we strongly suggest that you or a loved one contact one of our Admissions Coordinators and reserve a room (616-796-3600).  We often have a waiting list and will be more likely able to accommodate your wishes if we have advance notice.

The basics needed for admission to our RestoreRenew Program are:

1. a referral from your physician
2. a recent T.B. test
3. a recent chest x-ray

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For more information about becoming a resident, call Nancy at 616-796-3600. 

She looks forward to talking with you!

As we often have waiting lists, we urge you to contact Nancy as soon as you believe you may have a need.  She'll do everything she can to help you out.