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Meet the Family

Not only are your medical needs attended to by those who are totally involved with state-of-the-art knowledge and a dedication to continual quality improvement, these same caregivers, volunteers, and a host of support service professionals choose to work in this setting because of their big hearts. 

Although you certainly don’t have to be Christian to enjoy life at the Resthaven Care Center, you may rest assured that staff members and many volunteers feel a deep sense of calling to serve.

It is a measure of the quality of life at the Resthaven Care Center that we have a steady, reliable staff of experts, many of whom have served our residents and Elders for their entire careers.   Listen to what they have to say. 

“I don’t even feel like this is really a job. You’re just here living with them and being a part of their life.  It’s fun because you can bring in your aspects of life and share with them. I’m part of a band, and so I’ll come here sometimes with my band and play for our Elders.  It’s more of a family than it is a place to work.”

          - Cindy, Shabaz, Boersma Cottage

“It’s kind of like when you come into work, it’s like you didn’t leave home yet. It’s just like people came over to visit you.  It’s sort of like you’re like entertaining guests.”

       - Tumora, Shabaz, Boersma Cottage

Residents & Elders
“Well, if you need help during the night, or anytime, you just push a button like this thing here, and then they come quite quickly…and that’s nice.  There’s just nice people who work here.  And the food is pretty good, too.  If you don’t like something that they have, they always try to find something else that you like.”

               - Anna, Elder, Boersma Cottage

“The friendship that we have here is worth a lot.”

            - Blenda, Elder, Boersma Cottage

“It’s such a special place and it’s so minimal to help in this way.  I am always impressed by the Care Center itself—it’s beautiful.  And to work in geriatrics you really have to care.  Everybody does care here, from volunteers and staff to family and friends.  It’s a great place!”

          - Suszanne Molinaro, Volunteer

Seminary Intern
“Resthaven has to be the best facility I have ever worked with—the culture of loving care, the excellent staff, and the progressive attitude is evident in so many ways.”

                      - Marian Edmonds Liggera, 
             Western Seminary Student Intern

Medical Professionals
“I have been closely affiliated with the staff at the Resthaven Care Center for several years. As a health care practitioner, I appreciate the high level of care they provide to the residents who live at their facility. As a part of my job, I have visited many of the nursing homes in the West Michigan area.  I can truly say that Resthaven is one of the very few I have ever been in where the atmosphere actually feels as though it is a home away from home.” 

               - Paul Costanzo, Psychiatric                                                 Assistant

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Our Resthaven Family includes our residents and Elders, a host of volunteers, expert clinical staff members, dining services staff, social workers, our maintenance crew, our housekeepers, our administrative staff, our physical, occupational, and speech therapists...each and every one consider themselves "caregivers."