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Services at the Resthaven Care Center

Resthaven Rehabilitation
Short-term residential care when recovering from injury, illness, or surgery

With our expertise in the medical rehabilitation of older adults, our lovely private or semi-private rooms, and the atmosphere of caring and giving, it is our goal that your short stay will be a rich experience.

Clinical best practices from all over the country are cornerstones of Resthaven Rehabilitation, but we also spend an equal amount of effort caring for your mind and spirit, as well.

The results are seen on the relieved faces of those who have been through surgery, illness, or injury, and who are growing daily in confidence and strength.

COMING THIS WINTER: The Resthaven Rehabilitation Cottage will open it's doors early in 2013.  Dedicated solely to those in short-term rehabilitation, the Cottage will offer 16 private rooms, a cozy living room with fireplace, a refreshing spa, and an open kitchen and dining room.

Long-Term Care
When 24-hour medical attention gives you peace of mind

Whether it’s at the main Care Center building or at the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage, your Resthaven family works to ensure caring, rich relationships between you, your caregivers, and our community volunteers.  We want you to live with dignity, respect, independence, and peace.  The best way to do this is to build strong, trusting relationships.

Not only will you experience medical care backed by years of expertise in caring for older adults, you will also experience life-enriching activities, events, and learning opportunities.  And then there’s the music – our family just loves to sing and to enjoy the musical groups that abound in our area!

It’s simply family taking care of family.

Memory Loss Care
A rich life for those with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss

As pioneers in caring for those with memory loss, Resthaven’s family at the Good Shepherd Home and at the Care Center focuses all efforts on providing you with a safe, family atmosphere where you are liberated to enjoy the simple pleasures of daily life.

You will enjoy carefully created therapeutic programs that will exercise your body, mind, and spirit, involving your family and friends and offering opportunities for both creative and spiritual growth.

There is peace where formerly there was anxiety.  There are new relationships and new interests.  The Resthaven family joins you and your family to create a haven of hopeful living.

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Volunteers can make all the difference to those recovering from illness, surgery, or injury.  Their positive outlook is contagious! 

Explore these web sites:

Learn more about the principles of the Eden Alternative, a pathway to incorporating life, heart, and soul into long-term care, by visiting their web site at  At Resthaven, we subscribe 100% to the principles of the Eden Alternative.

The GREEN HOUSE™ Project offers an exciting new look at how living in small homes, creating family, and enriching life can revolutionalize long-term care.  Resthaven's Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage is the sixth Green House home built in the country.  We're proud to be leaders in this movement.  Visit the site and enjoy the articles and news reports that have made national news at