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Resthaven Care Center Main Building
Physical & medical rehabilitation
• Long-term care
• Memory Care for those with Alzheimer's and other memory challenges

Focused on the needs of seniors, the main Care Center is a community hub of activity.  Here you have the best of both worlds, because you can retreat to your own private area should you want to be alone, or you can always find something to do if you’re feeling sociable.

A Building for LIFE!
With both private and semi-private rooms, the main Care Center building features a cafe for socializing, chapel, lovely open courtyard, several inviting living areas, sunny dining areas, a sunroom overlooking the new Hinkamp Garden and Standing Stones Fountain, therapy gym, beauty parlor/barber shop, and many areas for you to enjoy different activities and to entertain your family and friends.

In the warmer months, you and your guests will benefit greatly from the delights of Captain Sundae Ice Cream, located across the street. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the Bird Aviary, a variety of visiting pets, a host of activities, religious celebrations, and some of the best music available in West Michigan—and we do love our music!  

Because your quality of life is of paramount importance, our building is undergoing a thoughtful renovation.  With a great team of builders at the helm, there is minimal disruption, and we all celebrate as we gradually unveil our fresh new look.

Your Care Team
You will have your own custom-designed team of big-hearted experts to see to your needs. A host of skilled nurses, helpful aides, rehabilitation experts, social workers, physicians, psychologists, resident life coordinators, food service workers, our dietition, and even our housekeeping and maintenance crews all consider themselves caregivers--with a big emphasis on the word “care.”

Refreshing Your Spirit
As our mission inspires us to care for you, body, mind, and soul, we offer a selection of options for you to refresh your spirit.

A very special aspect of the Resthaven Care Center is our rich spiritual life, championed by our full-time dedicated Chaplain, Reveverend Leigh VanKempen.  Although Resthaven has strong Reformed Church and Christian Reformed Church roots, Reverend VanKempen has a network of spiritual providers whom she can drawn upon.  Under your guidance, she will contact just right person to help build your spiritual life—a vital piece of a rich, fruitful life.  

The Volunteering Spirit
We can’t say enough about the 400+ volunteers who generously offer their skills, listening ears, and caring hands to enrich your life within Resthaven.  Each of them bring a heaping helping of life and energy every time they walk in the door.  We often refer to them as the heart of Resthaven…and our heart is strong and healthy.

As you can see, the Care Center isn’t just a building…it’s a home that simply bursts with life!


Care Center Addition
Now Underway
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Holland's former mayor, Al McGeehan


On behalf of my Dad, my Mom, and the whole family, I want to thank all of you at Resthaven for the care and attention you gave Dad while he was there with you at the Care Center ….we’re glad to know that you’ll be there to give wonderful care to a lot more people in the future.

          - Al McGeehan, former Mayor 
            of Holland