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Resident Satisfaction Levels at Maple Woods: 100% Satisfied!

We contract with a national survey company called My InnerView to discover exactly what our residents think about life at Resthaven Maple Woods.  

We can benchmark our performance, as My InnerView also compares our results with 1216 other assisted living communities across the country.

Our most recent survey was taken in 2010.  Here are our amazing results:

Overall Satisfaction = 100%! 
Willing to recommend to others = 100%!

Continual Quality Improvement
We are very happy with the overall results of the survey, but My InnerView also makes recommendations on where we can still improve.  We are polled on 34 different measures, and the results of those individual rankings are used to create specific opportunities to improve.

We have created teams of residents and staff members to work creatively with the goal of increasing our “Excellent” ratings by 5% for the coming year.

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Friendships at Maple Woods thrive!