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Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage
Long-term nursing care in a GREEN HOUSE® home

Nationwide the Green House movement is taking hold as the best way to insure quality of life to those in need of long-term care.  Convinced that this small home would be a huge benefit to older adults in the Holland area, Resthaven built the Boersma Cottage in 2007.  It has been a huge success!

Bearing the honored title of “Elder,” you, as one of only 10 residents, would enjoy your own private room and bath.  You would share a beautifully designed open kitchen, a dining room with a farmhouse table, the Hearth Room, spa, garden courtyard, and den.  All meals are prepared in the Boersma Cottage’s open kitchen and enjoyed at the farmhouse table.

You’ll enjoy an abundance of sunlight, the beauty of a fireplace, and a definite feeling of belonging.  And—unless you choose to do so—you’ll never have to move again.

Your Care Team
Specially trained workers blend the roles of caregiver, homemaker, and friend.  As these unique people are central to your happiness, they also have a unique name, “Shahbazim.”   The literal translation is “Soaring Falcon,” and these staff members are trained to bring all possible resources to make your life complete.

You will also have a custom-designed medical team, specific to your personal needs.  The heart of this team will include Shahbazim, nurses, and a physician.  Other resources will be brought in when appropriate, and may include therapists, social workers, psychologists, dieticians, or other specialists.

Our spiritual leader, Reverend Leigh VanKempen, will find just the right person of your faith to help you along your spiritual walk.  Resthaven has deep roots in the Reformed and Christian Reformed churches, but is dedicated to serving seniors of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.  We know that spiritual care is as important as physical care.

Generous community volunteers are a vital part of life at the Boersma Cottage.  They bring music, fun, and even babies into your life.  We often refer to them as the "heart" of Resthaven, and you’ll see why when you join the Resthaven family.
Elders are at the Center of All
It is our goal to preserve your independence and to give you as much control of your life choices as possible.   Monthly you meet with fellow Elders and Shahbazim to make house policy decisions, determine menu offerings, and to schedule group activities and outings.  The group pledges to reach consensus while respecting each individual’s wants and needs.

Elders, their families, our volunteers, and those who work at the Boersma Cottage agree that it is a remarkable place.  The unique combination of a small, customized building, staff structure that encourages personal attention, and the dedication of Elders to the concept of growing and sharing life with one another makes this a rich “greenhouse” of life for older adults.

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“We’re a family. We’re a family of 10.”
             - Jason Cook,
Boersma Cottage


We Are Family!

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 Melinda & Eric
I am proud to say that I am part of an amazing team that will do whatever it takes to be there for our Elders,” states Boersma Cottage Shahbaz Dee Hulett.  Click here to read an story by Dee telling how the Team helped Eric and Melinda during a family crisis.  A happy ending is guaranteed!

The story is also posted on the Green House Project's blog. Click here!