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The Good Shepherd Home
Offering joy in the midst of Alzheimer's or other cognitive challenges

If you or a loved one is living with the challenges of cognitive issues, the Good Shepherd Home is a sanctuary of hope and health for you, your family, and your friends.  All efforts are focused on providing you with a safe, family atmosphere where you are liberated to enjoy the simple pleasures of daily living.

Building on abilities (rather than disabilities), residents benefit immensely as each person finds their purpose and together we address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Many residents find peace, fulfillment, and even joy in the midst of Alzheimer's.

Beauty Surrounds You
Built around an outdoor courtyard garden and a spacious interior atrium, the Good Shepherd Home is just that…a true home.

With beautifully decorated private and semi-private living areas, multiple living and activity rooms, and open kitchens with dining areas, you will live in comfort and will add to your own family by building a Resthaven family of friends.

Small Houses…Big Benefit
Because we believe that the feeling of home and family is as important as tending to your health needs, the Good Shepherd Home is divided into two smaller “houses.” Smaller is better when it comes to building relationships, and enjoying those around you is key.

Rachel’s House serves those with earlier stages of cognitive loss, and David’s House cares for those in the later stages.

Although medical science has yet to develop a way to reverse Alzheimer’s and other cognitive difficulties, the Good Shepherd Memory Support Program offers cutting edge therapies to help you maintain your memory, build your health, and enjoy your family and friends.

Your Care Team
Those who help care for you or your loved one are extraordinary people.  They receive constant specialized training to help build a sense of peace, security, and joy that will allow you to relax and enjoy their friendship.

As the Good Shepherd Home has the legal designation as a “nursing home,” a multitude of health care benefits are available.  You will have a specially designed team created for your benefit who will help you build your strength… body, mind, and spirit.  All members of this team consider themselves “caregivers,” even if you might call them housekeepers or food servers, or maintenance men. 

The core of your team will include nurses, aides, a physician, social workers, psychologists, dieticians, and Life Enrichment coordinators.  Other specialists and therapies are brought to you as your specific needs require.

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“Any organization can have a dynamic mission statement, but what sets Resthaven apart from others in senior care is the stable and capable staff.  When my mom was at Good Shepherd and we were negotiating the slow and declining process of Alzheimer's, I rarely felt like we were walking this path alone.  Rather, the staff compassionately guided and supported us in this journey."
- Annette VandenHeuvel


Tending Your Spirit
Our Chaplain Rev. Leigh VanKempen has a special heart for those with dementia or cognitive challenges. She knows that a strong spiritual life provides a solid anchor when memory fails. Resthaven’s roots in the Reformed and Christian Reformed Church tradition are our anchor, but Rev. VanKempen also has a network of spiritual associates from many different religions, so it is her goal to bring you exactly the spiritual comfort that you require.

There are activities to build your creativity, to stretch your mind, and to simply foster enjoyment. We celebrate life in a multitude of ways, and the community often participates through choir performances, hymn sings, and other musical events. Music does wonders for the soul, and we make music whenever possible!

And there are a host of new friendships to be built through our big-hearted volunteers. From babies to retirees, our volunteers will stop for a chat, accompany you on outings, or work with you in the garden. When they discover what it is that brings you joy, they dedicate themselves to making it happen.

It’s simply family, taking care of family.

Our Goal…Your Goal
There is peace where formerly there was anxiety. There is purpose where there was confusion. The Resthaven family joins you and your family to create a haven of hopeful living at the Good Shepherd Home.