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Prayer…Vital to Life at Resthaven

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5

The words of Jesus are as fresh today as they were over 2000 years ago.  Here at Resthaven, we really do realize that apart from Him, we can do nothing.

Fortunately, for over 60 years, faithful supporters have upheld the people of Resthaven in their prayers.  The results can be seen in the smiles of volunteers, the gentle touch of a work-worn hand, the practiced skill of a nurse.

Help us keep Resthaven’s people true to their calling to serve by upholding Resthaven in your prayers…one of the most effective ways you can support our mission.

Resthaven’s Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for residents of Resthaven; that each will find friendships, health, and comfort; that they will find opportunities to reach out and serve one another; that the Lord would will be with them as their needs change; that Resthaven will be guided to serve each in the individual manner most effective for that person; that they would draw closer to God and that they would feel free to share their stories of faith with others.
  2. Please pray for those seniors we serve who live in the community at large; that God will use our Resthaven At Home workers for his purposes; that each will not only receive excellent care, but that they will see the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in the faces of our workers.
  3. Please pray for the Family Members of the residents of Resthaven; that they will know how to support their loved ones; that they will seek God’s help as they help their loved ones make decisions; that they will know how to walk alongside their loved ones who are suffering from dementia; that they will be able to enjoy the time each spends with the other.
  4. Please pray for each worker at Resthaven; that they will be lifted up on wings of eagles as they perform their jobs; that they would have insight as to how to most effectively serve “their” residents, Elders, or clients; that they would know when to speak and when to be silent and simply listen; pray for their health and the health of their families; pray that they find joy and fulfillment in their service.
  5. Please pray for each volunteer; that they might find beauty in their service to others; that each would be welcomed at Resthaven and that we would find work that is meaningful and productive for each one; that more volunteers would be inspired to serve so that no senior would be in need or would feel alone or lonely; thank the Lord for each and every volunteer.
  6. Please pray for each person who supports the mission of Resthaven through financial donations, by attending events, or by helping us to build and remodel; give them opportunities to tell others why they support the Elders of Resthaven; raise up more donors so that we can honor more of our fathers and our mothers until none are in need; and bless each one of our donors tenfold in their giving.
  7. Please pray for the leaders of Resthaven as they work to realize the goal of helping all to offer their best service to our residents, clients, and Elders; help them to see clearly where God is leading and inspire the plans they make so that all works for His glory.
  8. Please pray for our country’s leaders; inspire them to find new, cost-effective ways to help us all honor our fathers and mothers; give them wisdom and courage, Lord, in this time of change.

Thank you for standing by Resthaven in this most important of all efforts!


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Your Prayer Requests Welcomed

We have veteran prayer warriors here at Resthaven!  Lead by Resthaven’s Chaplain, Reverend Leigh VanKempen, they will bring your prayer requests before the Lord.

All will be held in complete confidentiality, so we invite you to send your prayer requests to our chaplain by clicking HERE.  We also ask that you let us know when the Lord answers your prayers so that we may celebrate with you.

Blessings to You and Yours!