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Resthaven’s 2013
Good Shepherd Award Winner:
Dr. George Zuidema

After a long and distinguished career in medical surgery, medical education and medical administration, Dr. George Zuidema and his wife Joan, decided to return to their hometown to enjoy their retirement years.

"I guess we always knew we would return to Holland," says George. "We have deep roots in this community, including family and many friends. We wanted to re-engage and become involved again."


After receiving a B.A. from Hope College and his M.D. from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, George completed a surgical internship and residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He served in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps from 1954-56. In 1960, he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan Medical School. In 1964, he returned to Johns Hopkins as surgeon-in-chief of the hospital and professor of surgery. Twenty years later, he returned to the University of Michigan responsible for the Medical School and the University Hospital.


Dr. Zuidema served on the Board of Trustees of Resthaven from 2004-2012, at which time he was instrumental in the vision and plans for the transformation of the Care Center and building of the Rehabilitation Cottage. In addition, he served on the Board of Trustees of Hope College from 1988 to 2012, and the Ottagan Addiction Recovery (OAR) Board from 2000-2012.


The Good Shepherd Award was established in 2002 to recognize individuals who have contributed to the well-being of seniors in our community.

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Dr. George Zuidema

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