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Resthaven’s History

Resthaven's Roots
In 1945, a Reformed Church minister, Reverend Paul Hinkamp, and a dedicated group of church members from both the Reformed and the Christian Reformed Churches felt the call to establish a Christian Home for their older members.  They named their organization "Resthaven," because they wanted this home to be “a haven of rest for the elderly.”

The first home featured 11 rented rooms in a house on the corner of 10th Street and Central Avenue in Holland.  Soon that home was no longer adequate to meet the demand for senior housing.

Resthaven Maple Woods
In 1948, the land for the current site of Resthaven Maple Woods (formerly Resthaven Retirement) was purchased on the corner of 32nd Street and College Avenue.  Six years later, ground was broken and the new 26-room home opened in June of 1955.  By 1969 the construction of additional wings provided Resthaven Maple Woods with the capacity to house 103 residents.  Currently approximately 90 people enjoy assisted living and memory care at Maple Woods with great food, wonderful fellowship, and a host of events and activities.

The Warm Friend
The decision to purchase the historic Warm Friend in downtown Holland was made in 1981.  The entire building was renovated and 102 independent senior rooms and apartments were available to area seniors along with a menu of support services.  Currently, 75 people live in this lovely community, many in apartments created from several single rooms.  They enjoy the beautiful, historic building with all the benefits of downtown Holland at their doorstep and Hope College right around the corner.

Resthaven Care Center
It quickly became evident that our area could benefit from a non-profit total care facility, so Resthaven purchased a 145-bed nursing home in 1989 and named it the Resthaven Care Center.  It quickly became a community favorite with a dedicated staff, family involvement, and many volunteers who continue to enrich life considerably.  Today, our incredible clinical team provides a unique combination of compassion and medical expertise for care that is second to none in the areas of medical rehabilitation and long-term care.  A full-time Chaplain helps reach our goal of serving residents in all areas…mind, body, and soul.

Home Care by Resthaven
In-home services were added in 1993 through Home Care by Resthaven (formerly Resthaven Home Care).  This fast growing branch of Resthaven was Medicare certified in 1996, and now serves approximately 500 people each year with in-home nursing, therapy, social work, personal care, homemaking, respite, transportation, and companionship services.  A psychiatric nursing program has recently been added in partnership with Pine Rest, so we can now help people right in their own homes with diseases such as depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Good Shepherd Home
In June of 1996, Resthaven opened the Good Shepherd Home, a specialized Alzheimer’s home for 40 people.  Created as much like “home” as possible and offering private rooms, a beautiful atrium, and special programming to preserve memory, this building is attached to the Resthaven Care Center.  The result of many years of research, the Good Shepherd Home continues to serve those with mid- to late-stage dementia offering joy, peace, and open doors to friends and family members.

Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage
The Vern and Lois Boersma Cottage, a Resthaven GREEN HOUSE™ Home opened its doors in 2007, offering a warm, loving, and nurturing sanctuary to those in need of long-term nursing care.  The Green House philosophy emphasizes “home” and family relationships between all who live and work in this beautiful community.  Each Elder enjoys his or her private room and shares an open kitchen, hearth room, den, outdoor patio, and dining room.  All food is prepared in the open kitchen and specially-trained workers blend the roles of caregiver, homemaker, and friend.  As many decisions as possible are made communally, and all involved with the Boersma Cottage—including staff members, family members, volunteers, the clinical team, and all Elders—commit to growing, learning, and maturing by sharing life together.

Resthaven Rehabilitation Cottage
Opened in 2012, the Resthaven Rehabilitation Cottage offers a comfortable setting for guests to enjoy while undergoing medical rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or illness. With private rooms, private bathrooms, open living and dining space, guests also enjoy the new Rehabilitation and Wellness Center adjacent to the Cottage.

Fulfilling Our Mission
Today, Resthaven serves approximately 1200 people each year fulfilling its mission to glorify God by providing a continuum of quality care and services that demonstrates the love and compassion of Jesus Christ