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Ethics at Resthaven

Aging is a complicated business.  Sometimes Resthaven staff members, residents, or family members wonder, "What is the right thing to do?"  When this question centers on what is morally right, we face an ethical issue.
Examples of questions that might fall into this category are:
• Who should make decisions for residents whose mental status is sometimes confused?
• How much freedom should be allowed to a resident who can be abusive toward others?
• How shall we respond to a resident who refuses to eat?
The Resthaven Ethics Committee, established by our Board of Trustees, serves as a monthly place for conversation of ethical issues.  Members include administrators, nursing professionals, physicians, clergy, social workers, residents, and family members.  They represent a variety of experiences and viewpoints, but all share a commitment to Resthaven's mission.
The committee has three main purposes: 
1. To inform residents, family members, staff, and the community at large about ethical issues in elder care.
2. To review Resthaven's policies and procedures relating to ethical issues; to write and recommend new policies and procedures.
3. To review actual cases which have raised ethical issues, and to help resolve conflicts when ethical issues are involved.
You may wish to contact this committee to: 
• Gain a clearer understanding of the moral issues that arise in providing daily care.
• Sort out the moral issues that arise when making difficult decisions about treatment or care options.
• Help resolve conflicts between residents, family, or staff when competing values are involved.
You may wish to take advantage of Resthaven's dedication to ethical conduct and bring an issue to a meeting.  The committee's main goal is to be a safe and helpful place for discussion.  It is not a decision-making body, so no one will tell you what you must do.  Instead, the committee will help you think about the issues you face, or the decision you must make so you can sort out the ethical issues involved.
Contact :
Rev. Leigh VanKempen
Director of Pastoral Care
Resthaven Care Center
280 W. 40th Street • Holland, MI 49423
E-mail Leigh
Charles Vander Broek
Resthaven Care Community
9 East Eighth Street • Holland, MI 49423
E-mail Charles


Resthaven Ethics Team Members

Nancy Burkitt, LSW
Admissions Coordinator, Resthaven Care Center

Pat Dowd
Director of Nursing, Resthaven Care Center

Dr. Steven Hamberg, MD
Resthaven Medical Director

Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf, PhD
Hope College Associate Professor of Religion, Medical Ethics Consultant

Laurel Hotchkiss, MSW
Social Worker, Resthaven Home Care

Mike Jalacki
Administrator, Resthaven Care Center

Rev. Paul A. Kehnle
Retired Lutheran Pastor

Barb Kuiper, RN
Healthcare Coordinator, Resthaven Maple Woods

Dan Lohman, RN
Nurse, Good Shepherd Home

Rev. John Schmidt
Pastor, Second Reformed Church of Zeeland, Resthaven Board of Trustees

Pam Senogles, MSW
Director of Social Services, Resthaven Care Center

Barbara Timmer
Resident, The Warm Friend

Rev. Leigh B. Van Kempen
Resthaven Chaplain

Jim Zeedyk
Family Member, Retired Educator