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Awards and Recognition

National Honors for Resthaven's Customer Satisfaction & Employee Satisfaction Ratings2013 resident and employee satisfactions surveys, conducted by the Holleran Consulting Group, resulted in Resthaven receiving the Highest Honors award in several categories, meaning Resthaven rated above the 90% percentile of national benchmarks. Research has shown a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and resident happiness. Thank you to each and every staff member for their efforts!

Five Star Rating for Resthaven's Care Center Resthaven's Care Center received the highest rating, a Five-Star Rating, by Home Compare in September 2013. This evaluation measures the quality of care for every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country. Criteria for the rating include health inspections, staffing, and quality measures. The ratings are used by consumers to help evaluate nursing home quality. Although we continue to view this rating system as far from perfect, we are delighted to receive five stars as recognition of the quality you can expect from Resthaven.

Thank you for voting Resthaven "Best of West Michigan!" for 10 years straight!As of 2012, readers of The Holland Sentinel have voted Resthaven the "Best Of Senior Facilities" for 10 years straight! Although this is certainly more of a popularity contest than a scientific survey, our residents, Elders, clients, family members, volunteers, and staff members do get a kick out of being named “The Best!” We are grateful for your faith in us, and pledge not to take your approval for granted. We are working diligently to get better every day.

Zero Citations for Home Care by Resthaven "No citations, not a single one!" was the verdict from the State of Michigan Bureau of Health Systems surveyor in 2011. Staff members were lauded by the State of Michigan surveyor who scrutinized medical records and went on home visits with our nurses, therapists, and home care aides. The surveyor concluded her four day intense review with the comment, "I have worked with the State of Michigan for over 10 years doing this, and I have never left an agency without finding an area of citation. You have a lot to be proud of here. It is obvious to me that your staff members have really caring hearts!"

Governor’s Award for Resthaven’s 60th Anniversary • October 2005, issued by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to recognize Resthaven as a trusted innovator in senior care.

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Top 10% in the United States for Customer Satisfaction Since the inception of the measurement program in 2005 by the national firm My InnerView, Resthaven has participated in an effort to increase quality through comparison of medical outcomes and through satisfaction surveys of residents or clients, family members, and employees. Resthaven has remained in the Top 10% through 2012, when we instituted measurements through a new organization, Holleran.

Governor’s Acclaimation • May 2007 upon the opening of the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage, a Resthaven GREEN HOUSE® home for Elders in need of 24 hour medical attention. A Green House home is a new type of nursing home where 10 Elders live in a beautiful dwelling with private rooms, a large open kitchen, and a fireplace. Specially trained workers, called Shahbazim, manage the house in concert with specially trained nurses. All food is prepared on-site, and the “family” of Elders, their friends, family members, nurses, and Shahbazim enjoy home-cooked meals together at the farmhouse table.

Selected as One of Four Sites Filmed Nationally for the GREEN HOUSE® Video/DVD • Released in the Fall of 2008, “Where Love Matters” is a 35 minute video/DVD that is currently being distributed around the world to those interested in senior care. The video opens with ice-shrouded “Big Red,” Holland’s lighthouse at the entrance to our Macatawa Harbor. The next scene moves to the early dawn hours at the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage, a Resthaven Green House home. In contrast to the cold, snowy exterior, warm light pours through the windows, and you see Elders enjoying breakfast at the farmhouse table, and one of the workers refilling coffee cups. Later in the video several Elders, family members, and workers are interviewed and give a glimpse into the rich life of a family formed around the lives of some of God’s oldest and most frail “children.”

Innovation Michigan Finalist • Awarded in Spring 2007, Resthaven’s GREEN HOUSE® home, the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage, was selected as one of the 35 best innovative ideas by Innovation Michigan in 2007. It was a special award, as it was the only innovation that communicated an idea…the idea that a "nursing home" could nurture and grow people, just like plants are nurtured and grown in a greenhouse.