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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we do at Resthaven is guided by our mission statement to seniors:  To glorify God by providing a continuum of care and services that demonstrates the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Below are some of the questions that we frequently encounter when living out our mission.  We hope that they help you understand Resthaven a bit further, but please feel free to contact us directly with any of your own questions at 616-796-3500 or email

Q 1:  What is a "continuum of care" as your mission states?
A: Once you begin to use the services of Resthaven, it is our goal to walk beside you to offer the expertise and support of our entire community.  One of the most effective ways to do that is to offer a range of services tailored to the needs of older adults as their needs change.

Currently our continuum of care consists of:

Q 2:  Does a person have to be a Christian to use Resthaven's services?  Do I have to belong to a particular Christian denomination?  After all you have a "Christian mission." 
A: We serve any senior. Our Christian mission to serve dictates HOW and WHY we serve, not WHO we serve. When Jesus walked the earth, he served all kinds of people...those who believed that he was the Son of God and those who actively worked against him.  Our mission is to "demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ" to everyone we meet, to our employees, to their families, to those who supply us with the things we need to do business, and, of course, to those seniors we serve, no matter what their faith.

If you ask us about our individual faith, most of us will eagerly share our stories with you. However, it is not our goal to convert. Our goal is simply to serve.

Because we are totally committed to serving all aspects of a person, mind, body, and soul, we have a Chaplain on-staff who heads up the spiritual aspect of life at Resthaven. The Reverend Leigh VanKempen is trained in the traditions of the Reformed Church, but has excellent relationships with spiritual leaders from many other faith traditions. It is her goal to offer you the spiritual support that you need, and she will be happy to act as the link between you and your spiritual advisor.

Q 3:  Resthaven is a not-for-profit organization. Why is this important?
A: As the Reverend Jim Cook said for a long time, "Resthaven is for people. Not for profit."  We answer to our honored Elders, our community, and our God for our actions, not to the stock market or anyone demanding a profit. That lets us put those we serve first, and allows us to make decisions based on what's right for our seniors...for YOU and your family.  All profits are reinvested in extra services, improving our buildings, and in serving those who have run out of health and wealth.

Unlike companies formed to create a profit and who are answerable to an outside Board of Directors, Resthaven isn't going to pull up stakes and move to another city because business is better in that location. We're here to stay to provide peace and security to those we serve in the greater Holland/Zeeland area.

Our community is ably represented by a special group of volunteers: our local Board of Trustees. They come from many different walks of life and bring a variety of skills, experiences, and wisdom. Their goal is to serve by assuring you top quality services, wise stewardship, and to plan for the future of Resthaven.

And then there are over 400 additional volunteers who immeasurably enrich the lives of our Elders, their families, and our staff members. Our volunteers add a whole new dimension to life at Resthaven by entertaining, gardening, repairing, cleaning, telling and listening to stories, sharing their pets, painting fingernails, playing games, participating in art projects, organizing fund raisers...the list is endless of the gifts of time and talent they bring. And we can't forget the awesome gift of music! We love music!

Community support is also demonstrated by the financial contributions of well over 700 people, businesses, trusts, foundations, and churches. We have an Annual Fund that is used to supplement life enrichment activities, extra staff, and to provide charitable care.  We also have strong support from our community for those who wish to invest in capital improvements for Resthaven facilities. We have an awesome community of supporters!


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Q 4: How can you be a non-profit if you charge for your services?
A: The goal of a non-profit organization is to serve. We must charge for most of our services, but any funds left over are not given to owners or stockholders. Like many non-profit hospitals, any excess funds are reinvested in new services, extra staffing, charitable care, or building improvements.

Q 5: Do you have to be a Resthaven resident or Home Care by Resthaven client to take advantage of the other services?
A: No. Anyone can join Resthaven at any level, at any time. Space is limited, and those who are residents or clients are given first priority, but all are welcome!

If you're not sure what you need, our phone counselors can help, or our Transitions Coordinator can visit with you in your home (it's free!) and provide you with professional recommendations. We invite you to call us at 616-796-3800 or 800-839-9320 or email:

Q 6: If I live in a Resthaven community how do I pay?
A: Basically everyone pays rent for their home and services. There are small move-in fees if you move into The Warm Friend (independent living) or Resthaven Maple Woods (assisted living and memory care) and there is a year-to-year lease. 

The Resthaven Care Center, the Resthaven Rehabilitation Cottage, the Good Shepherd Home, and the Vern & Lois Boersma Cottage, accept Medicare, Medicaid, a variety of insurances, and private payments. 

Rents include a variety of extra services, often including dining, so be certain to ask your admissions counselor exactly what is included.

Q 7: Do you offer help in my home, without moving to a Resthaven community?
Yes, we have a team of great people who serve people in their own homes. Home Care by Resthaven offers medical services, Home Assistants and Care Management.

  • Home Care by Resthaven's Medical Services generally need to be prescribed by your physician, and are often covered (at least in part) by Medicare or Long-Term Care Insurance.  Our nurses, home health aides, social workers, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists will visit you in your home to help you recover after illness or injury. They are experts at serving older adults and work closely with your physician to be certain that you recover successfully. We celebrate together when our services are no longer needed!
  • Home Care by Resthaven's Home Assistants will provide exactly what you need to remain safely and confidently living in your home. They will clean your home, help with your shower, do laundry, go shopping with you (or for you), escort you to appointments or social events, provide companionship, stay with you while your caregiver/spouse is away...or any of hundreds of additional services.

Q 8:  What's the difference between independent living, assisted living, and all of your other options?
A: CLICK HERE to read definitions of all the terms above. Be sure to call and talk to one of us personally if you have any questions at 616-796-3500 or email: We’ll help you find exactly the right spot, drawing on a variety of resources in the Holland and Zeeland community.


Frequently Asked Questions: