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Resthaven's Mission

Our mission to seniors: to glorify God by providing a continuum of quality care and services that demonstrates the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

 Resthaven's Values 

  • Resthaven values People, because all people are God's children, created in God's image.
  • Resthaven values Stewardship and Excellence, because individually and corporately we are called to exercise every God-given gift and talent with responsibility and justice.
  • Resthaven values Love and Compassion, because God calls us to love one another as Christ loves us and to continue Christ's ministry to the advanced in age. 

Resthaven's Vision 

What we want to be:

  • Committed, responsive, flexible, and innovative in providing high quality care and services.
  • Financially strong and vibrant through a faithful staff and engaged community.

What we want to do:

  • Generate community involvement and participation through intentional conversations and energetic planning.
  • Provide compassionate, integrated senior care in attractive, dynamic environments.
  • Secure Resthaven's ability to provide care for Elders in need, regardless of their economic status or level of required services.

How we want to be seen by the community:

      •  As an outstanding senior care provider 
and resource for our community.
      •  As the community leader and connector
 to integrate Elder care.
      •  As a preferred employer because
         Resthaven staff experience personal
         and professional growth, empowerment,
         and competitive rewards.
      •  As providing leadership focused on
         valuing people, excellence in business
        skills, and superior results.

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