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Tips to Help Make Mom’s Move Stress Free

man and woman looking at boxesHas your mom made the decision to move into independent living in a retirement community?


This can be an exciting time for both your mom and you as she moves to a retirement community that offers the services, amenities and conveniences she may need and likely doesn’t have in her current home. Yet, this can also bring on stress due to the task ahead: making the move.


5 Tips to a Stress-Free Move for Mom


As you and your family members coordinate the move, follow these 5 tips to help create a smooth and stress-free transition into independent living for your mom.


1. Communicate

There may be sadness about leaving a home she has lived in for many years. Encourage her to talk to you about how she is feeling. Also talk openly about her new home, why she is moving and the many services and amenities she is gaining in her new retirement community.

2. Plan

Before sorting, organizing and downsizing, allow your mom to visualize and see how it will all come together. The AARP recommends plotting the floor plan of your loved one’s new home on graph paper and cutting out pieces of paper to represent the furniture she will be taking. This will help her determine what other belongings she wants to relocate to her new home.

3. Enlist Help

This is not a job just for you. Ask other family members and close friends to help. Not only will this help make the physical move easier, but your mom will likely feel comforted and enjoy being surrounded by loved ones on this day.

4. Organize before Downsizing

Create categories, such as items to move, keepsakes for family, items to be sold or donated and items to throw out. Remember, there is emotional attachment to many of these belongings; take time with the items and allow your mom to reminisce. Instead of stress, this can be an opportunity to go down memory lane and strengthen your bond even further.

5. Remember Who is Moving

Don’t forget about the most important part of the day: your mom. She may feel a loss of control, so ensure she is part of the ongoing conversations and is making as many choices as possible. As you plan the physical move and logistics, also plan how to make it an enjoyable and stress-free day for her.

Contact a coordinator at Resthaven at 616-796-3800 to help ensure a smooth transition for your parent as they make Resthaven their new home.

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