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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tips to Make Caring for Aging Parents Easier

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Hi, I am the only child within the same state and it has fallen to me to take care of my mother as her health deteriorates. I work full-time and have 2 small children as well. I feel isolated and

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A Safe Environment for Mom as Winter Sets In

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Dear Nancy, My mother fell last winter while trying to get up the steps to her home. This resulted in a lengthy hospital stay. Our family believes that an assisted care facility may be the next best step for mom

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What Makes Non-profit Care Communities Distinctive?

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Dear Glenn, My mother has been living with me as it is no longer possible for her to live independently. She has become more frail and forgetful. She has left burners on while I have been at work and has

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The Importance of Music Therapy as a Life Enriching Activity

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Dear Gayla, My mother has always been a vibrant woman that loved socializing and going out dancing. At this time in her life, with my father’s passing and a best friend moving away, she doesn’t seem like herself anymore. How

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