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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tips to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

man balancing on tight rope in suit

My mother still lives in her own home but is becoming more fragile. It appears that she is having difficulty with her balance. Lately, I have noticed bruising on two separate occasions and she then mentioned that she had tripped

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Remaining In Your Own Home As You Age

woman wearing black suit jacket and yellow shirt smiling

My mother had a recent bout of pneumonia which required a hospital stay. She has returned to her home but can’t do as much as she would like to do at this time. With work and kids, I simply can’t

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Helping Seniors Maintain a Healthy Diet

man smiling in red shirt

I am trying to work with my mom’s eating habits. She lives with me, but when I travel for work she has such a bad and irregular diet. If left to her own devices, she chooses processed microwavable meals that

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Providing Appropriate Pastoral Care to Seniors

woman sitting in courtyard smiling

My mother was raised a Catholic and still observes those traditions and values. She is beginning to have difficulty recalling people and moments in her life. This is making her easily frustrated and depressed, with periods of anger when she

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